The golfbooking system is basically in two parts: the front end that the visitor uses to book his rounds of golf and the back end that the club uses to administer the system.

Client Side

Firstly you will have a button or link on your site like this:-

Now click the button and the bookings window will open.

Booking a time is straightforward:

  • Click on the date you want to play.
  • Available times are displayed. Click on your chosen tee time.
  • Fill in your details and that time is now booked.

Both client and the golf course admin receive an email to confirm the tee time that has been booked (this has been disabled in the demo).

 Admin Side

The admin side of the system is very easy to use after a little familiarisation.

Your basic setup is done using a simple step-by-step guide. This includes opening (first tee) and closing (last tee) times for summer and winter, weekdays and weekends plus Green Fees and any Early Bird/Twilight offers you may have.

Once your basic setup is complete you then enter your specific course requirements (eg only members can book before 12pm on Saturdays).